Routine immunisations are given to children before they start school to help protect them from serious childhood diseases.

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Flu vaccine


The MMR booklet is available in English, BengaliPolishRomanianSomaliUkrainian and Yoruba


Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the name of a very common group of viruses. They do not cause any problems in most people, but some types can cause genital warts or cancer.

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Teenage Booster and MenACWY

The teenage booster, also known as the 3-in-1 or the Td/IPV vaccine, is given to boost protection against 3 separate diseases: tetanusdiphtheria and polio.

The MenACWY vaccine is given by a single injection into the upper arm and protects against 4 strains of the meningococcal bacteria – A, C, W and Y – which cause meningitis and blood poisoning (septicaemia).

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