The Project

350+ NHS careers is an education outreach programme across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight aimed at students aged 5–18 years. The programme gives young people the opportunity to gain insight to the wealth of opportunities that a career in our NHS can offer. It isn’t a workplace solely made up of doctors and nurses, but a creative and diverse workforce, filled with employees of all academic levels and social backgrounds.

Not only is the NHS one of the largest employers in the UK, but it is also invested in retaining its staff; offering training and qualifications to develop their team members but also to facilitate changes to personal career aspirations.

The negative effect on young people during the pandemic has been widely acknowledged; students missing interactions with peers, milestone events, specialist teaching, and engaging with careers opportunities.

The 350+ NHS careers programme offers FREE sessions at education settings, with:

  • Support for students to start looking ahead again after the pandemic,
  • Innovative lessons for students aged 5 to 18, highlighting the 350+ job roles available within the NHS.
  • A 25% upturn in students feeling there is a place for them in the NHS by the end of a 1hr session.

Over 10,000 students have already engaged with the programme through the positive relationships the team have forged with local councils, Local Enterprise Partnerships, mainstream schools, MLD Schools, Pupil Referral Units and colleges.

We are making a real difference to the lives of hundreds of children by quashing myths on entry levels, progression routes and subject links within the NHS, giving students a focus for the future and valuing each individual.

From school leavers, supported internships, apprentices to university graduates we have a role for all those who will uphold our NHS values. 

This brand new, FREE provision from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight NHS Integrated Care System is an enriching experience for students and one that will also secure evidence against the Gatsby Benchmarks.

We also support SEND, LAC students and those in alternative provision.

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