The NHS 350+ Programme supports learners in discovering future career routes available within the NHS. It also dispels the myth that all roles involve a ‘hands-on’ medical/care element. The NHS is the UK’s largest employer, with its clinical staff providing medical care and treatment at its core. There are, however, a vast team of non-clinical staff who play vital roles in supporting, educating and developing what the NHS can offer. 

The NHS 350+ Programme is FREE and works with each school on an individual basis. Our Education Outreach Leads are qualified teachers with many decades of experience between them. They will be fully aware of the latest Government and Department for Education guidance, Ofsted foci and educational trends. We also understand that each school will have its own priorities and challenges and we will work with School Leaders to personalise our offer and ensure our programme adds value to your school’s Careers and Enrichment programmes.

We know that successful lessons will be those that are tailored to the needs of the learners. To strive for this, we gather individual student responses and opinions through a variety of ways using our online platform, Nearpod, throughout the session.  By gathering such information, we can adjust the direction of the session as it progresses and, very importantly, praise and celebrate fantastic individual contributions – a challenging task when meeting a cohort of the first time.  

Our usual session format consists of an in-person visit from one of our team and (depending on session selected) an NHS colleague to support the content being delivered.   

  • We can work from within a classroom with small groups of students to 250 students in a lecture/assembly setting. 
  • We can deliver a single session in 60 minutes and repeat it across the school day if required 
  • We provide a ‘drop-down day’ – a variety of sessions allowing for students to carousel using the timings of your usual timetable. 
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