Studying Medicine

Supporting your ambitions for medical school with The Aspiring Medics

If you want a career in medicine you’ll need to go to medical school. Now, thanks the 350+ NHS Careers programme’s collaboration with The Aspiring Medics, your journey to medical school has been made much simpler! We have teamed up to give you free access to The Aspiring Medics’ amazing website – containing all the resources you’ll need to be well on your way.

The Aspiring Medics is an award-winning social enterprise of medical students and doctors helping students to get into medical school. The online course includes work experience (for Years 9-12), an online interview course (Year 13), as well as many other resources you need to succeed (worth over £100!)

Step one: check out this video to see what The Aspiring Medics’ online course has to offer.

Step two: If you are in years 9-12 download The Aspiring Medics brochure to see what you can access for your year group.

Step three: Complete this form to access the free online work experience and collect the code for the free interview course

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