Tiffany Brown

Job Title

Research Administrator

Where are you based?


Is your role clinical or non-clinical?


When you were at school, did you want to join the NHS?

Yes, I was always interested in working in a medical laboratory within the NHS.

What qualifications did you have when you joined the NHS?

GCSEs and a Level 3 BTEC

How did you come to work in the NHS?

I left college with a Level 3 BTEC and was working part-time in retail but knew that I wanted a full-time job. I decided to apply for an apprenticeship within the Pathology (study of diseases) laboratory in the NHS. I then went on to complete a Level 2 Business Administration apprenticeship within the Pathology Admin Support Department. I have just progressed to a Band 3 Research Administrator within the Research department and have been working for the NHS for 4 years.

Briefly explain your job

I work in a non-clinical role as a research administrator. I work on the reception desk, deal with incoming queries, order items required for studies and provide general support to the research department.

What do you love about your job?

I love that everything I do in my job is helping to support patients and staff and to make the department run smoothly.

What is challenging about your role?

I am new to the role, so I am still learning but I have a really supportive team around me.

Which colleagues support you in your role?

I am supported by the Managers, Senior Nurses and the Clinical Trials Team.

Is there career progression in your role and how would you get there?

You could focus on the admin side of things and become a Facilitator, or you could move towards a clinical role by becoming a Clinical Trials Assistant or Research Nurse

What would you say to a young person thinking of joining the NHS?

There are so many different roles within the NHS and there truly is something for everyone to enjoy doing. I would recommend completing an apprenticeship to begin your career within the NHS as it gives you versatile qualifications that you could use in many different roles or departments. I really enjoy working in the NHS as I know I am making a difference and I also like how no two days are the same.

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