Benjamin Jones

Job Title

Senior Teaching Fellow

Is your role clinical or non-clinical?


When you were in school, did you want to join the NHS?

No, I wanted to be a Scientist-Inventor.

Tell us about your job

A typical day will start with Pre-teaching review and urgent email screen. Teaching across years. Mid-morning Personal Academic Tutoring. Research planning. Guideline reviews. New lesson plans and presentation design. Critical appraisal of literature. Data extraction for research projects. Meetings with other academics and groups. Review newsletters/funding grant calls. Organise admission and administrative duties. Record promotional/marketing material. Plan outreach and Alumni activities. Marking & Moderation of modules. Adapt any blackboard design and upload materials for students. Reflect upon my pedagogical practice. Review my goals for the day. Check activities for tomorrow align to strategy. Finish emails. Organise any sessions for the next day.

How did you come to work in the NHS?

Started in Dorset Foundation Trust, Community Care; switched to Solent NHS Trust, High Risk Community Care; Switch into Academia, University of Southampton

What are some challenges?

Workload has unpredictable surges. Opportunities present at inopportune times e.g. after heavy load of teaching funding for a project may be available, and the turn around/head space to think creatively is not available.

What do you love about your job?

Improving accuracy of thought in myself and others. Innovation and lateral thinking in the scientific space. Use of cutting edge technologies or science to overcome the biggest challenges of our time. Constantly growing as a person and professional.

Is there career progression in your role?

Progress is down to my output and impact on research. I will complete the PhD and build my national profile as a researcher in Podiatrist Genomic Medicine with expertise (developing) in Prognostication and the application of Genomics to improve evidence in podiatry to solve long-term and long-standing challenges in our field. Over time I intend to build my own team as I work towards principle investigator and set-up programme in research as I progress toward my Professorship.

What would you say to a young person thinking of joining the NHS?

It is the start of your journey, not your end! Your learning will be exponential. Stay hungry and make use of every opportunity (even in those moments of defeat, shame, or ignorance as the silver linings to thrive are often found in these ‘gem moment’). Have a plan, but be willing to adapt how you get to the destination.

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